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Real Men Smoke Cigars
& Real Women Love Cigars

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Custom and Made-To-Order Cigar Split-Pocket© shirts, please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Time table depends on complexity of emboidery, first time shirt, or multiple shirt order. No Exchanges or Refunds. Be sure of your size.

NOTE: A Logo Parody is a defense to trademark infringement. The defense is that there is no likelihood of confusion because the parody will not be taken seriously. While it must initially bring to mind the original, it must be clever enough to be clear that it is not the original nor connected with the original, but is a parody, a humorous take-off on the original.

a division of MOLINA Advertising Group -

The largest collection of cigar inspired designs and cigar clothing for Ladies & Gentlemen who enjoy the cigar lifestyle.

Choose your Cigar Club then the Cigar Split-Pocket© Shirt


If you don't see your group just send me an email about it.


Real Men Smoke Cigars

 image Cigar Rights of America DOG POUNG CIGAR CLUB CFW-Soldier cigardojo Cigar Cigar North Miami Beach
Masonic  Smoking Fezzes

 Bahia Shrine Cigar Club

Charity Lodge 190

CIA Cigar Nerds Cigar Nerds Cigar Lodge
Stogies & Shields  image 908 CIGAR CLUB Cigar Club Lounge Mustang Seminoles Cigar Club B&B Cigar Club Grindstone Cigar Club
CIGARMY NAVYMAN CigAirForce USMC Bulldog Cigar Coast Guard Charlie Gar American Flag American LEO
Smoking Salads CigarShenanigans Colorado Cigar Aficionados          

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